Sunday, September 18, 2016


Well, something that surprised me, as I have never thought of lemons and limes that way, but I would like to share my latest experience with you, as it may help others, as well. Blessed be, limes and lemons. :)

I badly cut myself while cooking - thanks God, it was in my kitchen, where those wonderful Kitchen Guides always help me. I was chopping pumpkins - I am so happy that pumpkins have arrived, by the way -, using my brand new, super sharp ceramics knife I got from my Mom, talking to my brother on the phone in the meanwhile, when boom, the knife landed in my hand, half way between my thumb and index finger, on that soft part that resembles the feet of ducks. The wound was so wide and deep, bleeding so much that at first glance, I was sure I would need to go to hospital so as to have it stitched. I put it under cold water, in the meanwhile my brother asked me if I had given at least a coin for it to my Mom, I asked no, why? He said - so remember it, you too :) - that if you get a knife from someone as a present, you must honor it with a metal coin so that the knife should not cut you. So this was the reason, eh. I will send my Mom a coin tomorrow, for sure. I should have known it. :) Especially that some days ago, I found a 200 HUF coin in the street, it is still in my pocket. 

Anyways, such is life, but as I was bleeding almost to death there, listening to the story that explained to me why all this happened, getting more and more scared of what comes next (hospital, brr), Kitchen Guides told me to take that small lime out of the fridge. I normally do not keep limes and lemons at home, but from now on, I surely will. Why that lime was in my fridge, I wanted to bake a flan, but I could find no time for it, now I understand why. :)

So Kitchen Guides told me to cut the lime in half and start to drop its juice right into the wound - so I did. Woohoo, it was burning, but it was not so bad. In a minute, it stopped bleeding, and what came afterwards made me amazed - the wound started to heal and agglutinate within minutes! So much within minutes that after some ten minutes, all I could see was the line of cutting, and the skin there was still thin and sensitive, but no deep wound. Then I tied my two fingers close to each other so that I should not make any stretching movements till the skin gets thicker, and a couple of hours later I could forget about this whole thing. 

Then I googled lemons, limes and their healing effect - jeez, even the bite of scorpions can be healed with lemon drops! The article says if you put one half of the lemon on the wound caused by a scorpion, and you suck the juice of the other half, soon it will be as if there had been no injury, at all. It strengthens the immune system, this is well-known, but if you have a broken bone and you eat lime or lemon, it will heal a lot quicker. And then I could also read about cut wounds - the article says just drop the juice of the lemon directly to the wound - exactly what Kitchen Guides said -, and it will even disinfect your wound, not just heal it. 

If your face is oily, just make an orange-lime or orange-lemon mask from the flesh of the fruits in fifty-fifty portions, leave it on your face for some fifteen minutes, then wash it with cold water and put hydrating cream on it, and your skin will be super fit, shiny, and its pH-value will be well-balanced. Also, if your skin has a tendency to get cracked on your heels and elbows, lemon makes wonders! 

Thank you, Kitchen Guides, thank you lime, and thank you, Nature. :)

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