Monday, October 31, 2016

Tarot Blog Hop - Samhain 2016

Welcome to this newest occasion of Tarot Blog Hop at Samhain 2016. Our Wrangler this time is Louise Underhill, and the topic – of course – is Samhain! :)

Samhain (meaning 'the end of summer'), this magical feast starts at the very end of October – this is when Celtic Fairy-hills open up. Avoid going on a long night trip at Samhain! Yet if you must, take a pumpkin lantern with yourself – it will protect you from bad spirits and troublesome Fairies. This night could win the title of 'the most magical night of the year' if there was such a competition. This is a moment when boundaries vanish, and we can get closer to ourselves, as well as to others and to the Otherworld. Energies and thoughts work in a different way this time: this is the day and night of magic.

There are many traditions practiced on this day – sometimes they are simple, sometimes complicated, sometimes funny, sometimes really scary!

In older times, an almost everywhere existing tradition was to light a joy-fire and sit around it – family members were amusing – or scaring – each other with ghost-stories. Fortune-telling was also traditional with the help of runes, cards, mirrors or apples. We can ask about our love, good luck, weather and harvest for next year, health, anything. The most important accessories of Samhain are the pumpkin and the apple. Pumpkin was used to keep bad spirits away on this magical night, while apple was used to call fertility and abundance in our life.

According to the Celtic tradition, if you stand in front of a mirror this night, whispering your wishes, they will surely come true – so beware of what you wish! And be wise, do not involve others in your wishes if you want to avoid complications and unfavorable consequences!

Samhain Love Magic

Of course, the central question of most people, men and women is about love, finding happiness and mutual love, whether or not we can finally call the One in our lives – well, but you know there are several Ones. :) Let us say that really-really true One with whom we can live happily ever after.

In a group of maidens, the one that first bites into an apple will be the first one to get married next year.

Then, peel an apple in a way that its skin should stay in one single stripe. With your left hand, throw this stripe behind your back over your right shoulder. As it reaches the ground, you will be able to read the name of your future love from the curve.

If you are already in love but you do not know how he or she feels about you, eat an apple and throw its seed house on fire. If the seed house has a cracking sound, you can be sure that attraction is mutual, but if it burns with no sound, it will not develop into love.

As we know, apple is also the symbol of Venus, while pomegranate is usually associated with Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld – and all of us know that we can see pomegranates on the High Priestess and the Empress cards, as well.

And now some magical tips if you are single but you would like to call in a new relationship! :)

This Magic is called Water Magic, and Samhain is a perfect time to carry it out. Out of the four elements, Water is the most connected to Love. In a material sense, Water is one of the strongest powers on the planet. Water is able to nourish life, as well as to destroy it. Its magical features are based on its own characteristics, tenderness and power. Deep, loving relationships can gain from both features, and Love is similar to Water in a way that it is also one of the strongest energies in the Universe.

Water symbolizes emotions and the subconscious, and is often a tool of spiritual magic. It often appears in our dreams, as well. If we wish something from Water, should it happen through magic or in a dream, it means we are evoking its fine characteristics, as well as its power both on material and spiritual levels.

It is important that when you do this magic, you should do it by natural water, a lake, a river or a brook, or the sea. Why this Samhain in 2016 is just wonderful to carry out this magic is that on 31 October, we have new moon, as well as Monday, which is the day of the Moon (Moon-day)! And this is strongly suggested that this magic should be done on Monday under waxing or new moon, as we want to call in a new love.

So you will need natural water (it is good to choose a safe and secluded place), a healthy, fresh red apple, a small knife, an embroidery needle, a teaspoon of sugar and a blue candle.

And now when you are standing by the water, take a deep breath, let worries go and focus on your wish: namely that you want to call your true Love in your life (it is very important that you should NOT name or focus on ANYONE SPECIAL, just let the Universe work out the best for you).

Now cut the apple in half in a way that its pentacle-shaped seed house in the middle should be visible. Take the two halves of the apple in your two hands, turn your eyes on the water and whisper this mandala nine times:

'With water in the blood of my heart,
with the streams of the Earth,
with the high tide that the Moon brings us,
bring me the One who loves me!'

Then put the half of the apple in your right hand aside a bit. Take the needle, and on the half that you have been holding in your left hand, draw an upside-down equilateral triangle with the needle – this is the alchemical symbol of Water. Strew half of the sugar on it (half a teaspoon), and then throw this half of the apple in the water as far as you can. Strew the other half of the sugar on the other half of the apple, and eat it. When you get home, light a blue candle and let it fully burn down (make sure it is at a safe place so as not to set your home on fire).

While your candle is burning, you can look into the flame, and start to play with the feeling that you are perfect for each other with someone the way you are. Imagine that the two of you are able to raise hypnotic power together, and no one will be able to weaken your relationship. You will feel yourself sexy, self-confident, satisfied and happy.

The purest form of Love Magic is Tantric Magic – this does not mean mere sexual magic, but the harmony and union of masculine and feminine powers, and when this magical union happens, creation, Creative Magic happens. This type of magic can only happen through the magical and tantric union of a man and a woman – and it also means equality between man and woman, balance, tuning ourselves to each other, common will, turning towards each other with patience, honesty, acceptance, understanding and lots of Love. This is the real and true Love Magic – wonderful, powerful, overwhelming and unbreakable.

Now in this spirit, as it is Samhain today, let us do some magic and fortune telling for all of the signs of the Zodiac – short hints about love from the occasion of this magical day. The deck in use is the Tarot of Sexual Magic – a beautiful one. May Love Energy be with all of you! :)


XVIII. The MoonFancyThe Spell of Love

Aah, good for you, Aries! :) This is my favorite card. 'A slow but effective magic action based on the sound and evocation of happy images. It defeats deception and illusions, restoring serenity at home, as well as increasing fecundity.'

But well, illusion is also a keyword attached to the Moon card, so besides that now it is likely that you experience the more romantic side of love, it is also a constant lesson for Aries to learn not to think too much of things in advance. 

Should you start a new relationship, it is always better to wait before making too nice conclusions till we can see if something is really happening, and it is not just something we would like to happen. 

But I wish all of you such harmony as in this card! :)


XVI. The TowerBetrayalThe Doll

Uh-uhh. This is not what I have wished for you, but let us see what the message unfolds. 'A dangerous situation, betrayal, deception or imminent break-up. Protect yourself from this threat by using all your own resources.'

Okay, let us hope this is just a warning sign. Most Taurus people are very sensual, though, and indeed, it can give them more temptation than to other signs in general. 

It is quite a personal thing for everyone, what betrayal means, but seeing this card, what I have in my mind is that maybe it is better to be a bit healthily cunning. Also, it is good to be honest with oneself: everyone can answer the question what they are really seeking in a relationships. 


XVIII. The MoonFancyThe Spell of Love

:) Good for Gemini, as well! 'A slow but effective magic action based on the sound and evocation of happy images. It defeats deception and illusions, restoring serenity at home, as well as increasing fecundity.'

This is the second time out of the first three cards that the Moon has popped up – indeed, the energies of the Moon are very strong today!

It can melt even more 'mental' Gemini people, as well, bringing more passion and affection in their life. Maybe it is the partners of Gemini people who will really enjoy flowing moments with beloved ones. If you are a Gemini, it is likely that you long for more such moments – I think it can also be practiced a bit how much we are able to flow.


Knight of PentaclesDiscontentThe Magic of the Green Lemon

'Waiting allows the desired fruit to ripen, while haste makes every Chalice bitter.'

Cancers are usually good at patience, indeed – can it happen that now you are the more impatient ones, who knows, but if this card has shown up here, it can mean that this time Cancers are more impatient than their partners. 

Maybe you are longing for something to turn out, for a result, a feedback, for a response from a beloved one – just take it easy. :) Everything we say or do, if we send out a thought or feeling, or if we say or do something, energies are attached to it – the energy of our current mood. Whoever the addressee is, they will feel it! 


Two of ChalicesInvolvementThe Magic of the Scarab

'Tenderness, attraction and collaboration. You can seduce by leaving yourself open to seduction.'

This is what I wish to royal Leos, indeed! :) Two of Cups is the card that whenever it turns up, people start to smile – I understand why. 

So if you are such a Leo who can experience such magic as you can see it here in this card, I wish you even more of such moments, extend them!

If you are not that lucky, the energies of Two of Cups will still be there for you – it also means a lovely and very strong 'contract' between two people.  


Knight of SwordsTamingThe Magic of the Frogs

'Hunting is an age-old sport. The end justifies the means, but today's prey will be tomorrow's hunter and vice versa.'

Ehh, this is not the nicest one, either, but maybe sometimes this is just what someone needs – e.g. I can imagine that people who have struggled for long about getting over a relationship can now feel that hunting-time has arrived. The same can happen if someone has been single for too long.

What is better, going hunting or waiting silently at home – I think neither, but it is something everyone feels in themselves. Should you be in a hunter mood, pay attention not to make your prey suffer for too long...  


Knave of SwordsBitingThe Magic of the Bitter Almonds

'Enemies of the couples are both inside and outside of it. They should look at each other. Vigilance does not distract from pleasure and pleasure does not distract from vigilance.'

Libras can experience the hotter and maybe more physical side of love now. If this is not emotions in the center now, but sensuality, sexual games maybe, or just to focus on the more mental and physical aspects of life and on the mere satisfaction of sexual desires, it can even work for a while, but only if both partners agree on it. 

Vigilance also tells me that maybe many feel that they can be deceived or cheated on – every feeling has a root somewhere, but with a less relaxed mindset, everything seems a lot worse than it usually is! 


Ten of SwordsSqueezingThe Magic of the Tears

'Even pain can be transformed into power. You must not flee from emotions, but rather use them to find the true essence of your desires.'

Yes, this is very true, pain can be transformed. Also that whatever emotions should we face, it is always better to face them than fleeing from them – if it hurts, let it hurt. One day it will just leave you behind. 

Even negative emotions can be like catalysts – but Scorpios know it the best. 

Ten of Swords is one of the toughest cards in Tarot, so I honestly do not wish anything that Ten of Swords means to anyone, but should something abruptly end, the best is to remember that possibly it is the best this way, and later on, it will even turn out why. 


Nine of WandsCaressingThe Magic of the Three Little Birds

'When a situation is suspended or blocked by doubt, you must hurry to resolve it because it cannot go on forever.'

I think this is one of the major concerns of the representatives of the Sagittarius sign, hurry to resolve something (I myself know it, as well, with a Sagittarius Ascendant).

The more urging a feeling is, the better if it can be solved soon, just when someone is impatient or restless, we should really be careful about how to put thoughts into words, and also about finding the right moment for clearing up something. It is not for granted that if someone feels a moment to be a suitable one, it will also be the best moment for the other one. More acceptance is maybe the key, and learning to flow. 

Knave of WandsAbandonThe Magic of the Olive Branches

'The eccentricities of character do not necessarily lead to unreliability. You must look beyond appearances to see the essence of the feelings.'

Oh, well-known old lessons for Capricorns – looking beyond their nose. Stubbornness multiplied by stubbornness, once a Capricorn is convinced about something, the veil of reality will descend right beyond their nose, and they will have quite a limited view on things – I am saying this as a Capricorn. 

So yes, that veil should be sent far-far away – it should be abandoned. :) 

Maybe Capricorns could also be more permissive with themselves so as to be able to allow themselves to just indulge in something they long for.


XVIII. The MoonFancyThe Spell of Love

'A slow but effective magic action based on the sound and evocation of happy images. It defeats deception and illusions, restoring serenity at home, as well as increasing fecundity.'

:) Yay, this is definitely the winner card today – for three signs out of twelve! 

The Moon-aspect Aquarius people are likely to experience around these days is likely to be nostalgia and melancholy. They can feel lost a bit, possibly without wanting to see behind the curtain – just to see what they should change so as to change their reality. 

Delving into more routine-like, everyday actions can help a while to chase away melancholy. 


Three of ChalicesPassionThe Magic of the Egg

'The egg is a promise of life. It indicates improvement, success in love and relief from heartbreak.'

Pisces are the winners for today – that is real passion in this card. :) 

Three of Cups, in my Tarot Readings, it usually marks Twin Flame-energies – or vibes that are very close to it. 

Even single Pisces people are likely to feel such a sense of fulfillment with this card turning up for them! I am so happy any time I see this card that I do not even want to say anything to spoil your mood. :)

So just blessed be, all of you, all the signs, everyone, let Magic come to you! :)


  1. First, I love the old apple magic! Great post.

  2. Fun with apples and wax at Hallowe'en is something I remember from childhood, aged about 11 or 12. One of the nuns (yes, really) had us peel an apple and throw the peel over our shoulder - the shape of the letter it made would be the initial of our future husband. Similarly , we would do some divination using wax dropped into a bowl of water. All very pagan for a nun really :D

  3. Excellent! I am a Capricorn and fully appreciate that Knave of Wands, which is one of my dear Court friends ;) This does coincide with my Aries moon, and I am definitely in touch with that bit of indulgence from time to time! Ha!

  4. Had to skim some of this very quickly, as my toddler was on my lap :D Fun post.

  5. Bobbing for apples was a big thing at Hallowe'en in my part of Canada. Sadly I missed out on many years of this: orthodontic braces in those days were not apple-friendly! Fun post, thanks!

  6. Haha, as I was reading this in a hurry (for no reason!), I got to the advice for my sign, Cancer, and realized I have been feeling awfully impatient for something lately. If only it would get here so I could stop waiting so impatiently!